Our President Blesses Sin; God Help Us

07 May
May 7, 2013

Last Friday, April 26th, President Obama became the first sitting president to speak at the National Planned Parenthood Conference. Not only did he speak at this event, but he invoked God’s blessing upon them! No president in our history has had the arrogance to openly endorse the slaughter of our unborn, and atrocities against women. Would the American people have ever endorsed the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, or other mass-murderers as this President has done? And let me mention another genocidal maniac: Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia, who ‘surprisingly’ was not mentioned by the President during his speech, despite working under the policy of Planned Parenthood. Read more →

America’s Spiritual Super Bowl

24 Apr
April 24, 2013

When a U.S. city has a professional baseball team winning the World Series, there is nothing like it in all of sports. I am sure the same can be said of winning a Super Bowl because I played in one, but we lost to Pittsburgh.

Very few people remember the loser, but always remember the winner. As pastors in America, we play hardball for the King, and we have already played 80 percent of our games, with a short time remaining before the final buzzer. This however doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing, because we can still lose. We have to establish a game plan that calls for victory!
Our competition is against an adversary determined to destroy our Christian foundations, and the soul of America. Read more →

Reince Priebus Must Go!

01 Apr
April 1, 2013

I have but one question to ask you: Do you take kindly to the very recent remarks from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus calling Christian Republicans Old Testament heretics for not supporting same-sex marriage in America? He went on further to tell the GOP to modernize the party if they expect to win future national elections.  Read more →

Is Homosexuality a Super Sin?

27 Mar
March 27, 2013

By Ken Hutcherson and James Hansen
We’ve studied theology for quite a long time. Even though we’re not from the Catholic tradition, we understand the difference between venial and mortal sins. But apparently, Protestants have their own gradation of depravity now. In a recent interview with NPR, President of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, suggested that Evangelicals have wrongfully labeled homosexuality as a “Super Sin.” But his fatherly chastisement opens up the discussion as to what could be included in this particular category. Read more →

Pistol Packing Pastors

20 Mar
March 20, 2013

Have you pastors had enough of the rhetoric from those within our media who preach that owning a gun is detrimental to us as a nation? If so, please get in line, because it starts here with me. I’m big, black, bald, bad, and love to hunt. Our very heritage, sovereignty, and freedom we all enjoy are under attack, and the time has come to rise up and say, we are many in numbers, we won’t be stopped, and it starts with us.
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