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Q   Why don’t we have a washing of the feet service?  Growing up our church had this during Easter.

A   There are only two major ordinances in the New Testament – Communion and Baptism.  You will not find the practice of feet washing in the New Testament church so we don’t make it a priority.

Q    How unlikely is it that any of the disciples thought that THEY might be the betrayer?

A     You can be sure that none of them thought it was them!  All of them looked around the room and thought it was someone else.  And they for sure thought only Judas would do that.

Q   Why does Jesus in verse one ask twice to believe if belief has been predestined from before creation and free will does not exist?

A   There are two problems with this question:  Free will does exist.  Faith is a given, but there is no predestination that you will respond.  In spite of our minds, predestination and free will (I call it response will) do co-exist.  See Romans 9, 10, and 11.

Q   Was the Holy Spirit with any person prior to Jesus leaving?  Was the Spirit with Moses, Noah, David, or any other Old Testament person?

A   Yes!  In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit’s presence was selective for special events and callings and if you messed up, it would be taken away.

Q   Why do prayers for healing go unanswered so often when it is asked for by a believer and it seems that God would be glorified?

A   Most likely because not healing brings the greatest glory to God.  God must see our faith work.

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