‘One of the greatest things that ever happened to me’ – 07/08/2013

Pastor Hutch inspires with a surprising take on his cancer battle:

Pastor Ken Hutcherson was one of the many popular conservative and religious leaders who took part in Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event — and the crowd loved him.

It’s really no surprise, though, considering that the preacher’s life story both inspires and invigorates. Hutcherson’s personal tale holds the ability to spark change in others. From overcoming his dislike of whites at an early age to sharing how he copes with battling terminal cancer, he has repeatedly shown himself to be a fascinating and inspirational figure.

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Dr. Hutcherson speaks on Wall Builders Live – 05/20/13

Homosexuality: The Desensitization of America

Dr. Ken Hutcherson discusses the growing acceptance of deviant behavior and the fight going on for the minds of future generations. Click to Listen

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