America, Church Suffer When Christians Stay Silent
America, Church Suffer When Christians Stay Silent

America, Church Suffer When Christians Stay Silent

Henry David Thoreau was quoted saying, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Throughout our great history, American’s have answered the call to duty when our national security was threatened by enemies abroad such as Hitler’s Germany, Japan’s Tojo, and Communism, we rallied together when our backs were against the wall. The nation came together as one, and sought God’s divine intervention. It took time, and many lives lost, but the Lord answered our prayers.

Today, we are in the darkest days since our Civil War. Our enemy is not an army or air force of a foreign power. The enemy is invisible, evil, and its enemy is our Judeo-Christian heritage. Its weaponry system is humanistic in every sense of the word. Like other militaries in combat, their uniforms are camouflaged to fit the battlefield.

The enemy we face today also has a uniform different from a military uniform. The uniform of this enemy is unique and deceptive. It’s the uniform of media, public education, politicians, the court of law, and the religion of Islam. Together, these armies have formed a 21st century axis to destroy Christianity in our nation. They have a blatant hatred for God which spreads across America like frosting on a warm cake. This battlefield is not Gettysburg. The battlefield is every home in America. Gay marriage, legalization of drugs, persecution of our children in public schools, abortion, revision of our great history in education, and so many more. The family is part of God’s great plan for humanity, and it’s being destroyed in America today.

We can win this war starting today if we work together, but it must start now. We have the largest, and greatest army in the history of mankind. It is the army of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His weapons are manufactured to perfection like no other the world has ever seen. They are manufactured by the Holy Spirit and cannot fail. Like all great armies, there must be generals and other officers to lead and direct. Today these leaders of this army are you, the pastors of churches across America. You have been trained to protect the flock you oversee, and face the enemy face to face.

America can turn around, but not without your leadership. It’s time for pastors to take their appointed responsibilities and make a stand to take our great nation back, by demanding an end to the blatant persecution of Christians across our land. It’s time to stop running, and hold the ground our Heavenly Father has given to us. For whom much has been given, much will be required.

It’s time for pastors across America to pick up this torch, and bring back to America a nation hearing the truth, and our civic responsibilities. We cannot do this without your participation. This must be a united effort. If God be for us, who would be against us?

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