The Dangers of Misconception

The Dangers of Misconception

With regard to the Second Amendment, a major misconception is that it is about hunting. I only have one thing to say: Are you kidding me? You have to be nuts to think it is about hunting; it is about protecting our freedoms from a tyrannical government.

The misconception about hunting rights comes from a secular world, and misconceptions are only possible when we do not know the truth. Just as there is no excuse for believers not to know the 66 books of the Bible, so there is no excuse for Americans not to know the Constitution.

Christianity is not a passive belief, it is a revolutionary belief. It makes man step out of all the comforts of life to put his reputation on the line everyday. The misconception Christians produce every day regarding passivity is shameful, very shameful. Do you think we, as believers are to be passive when it comes to the protection of our family and our brothers and sisters?

In Luke chapter 22, when the disciples were with Jesus on that last night He told them to go and if they didn’t have a sword they should sell their garment and buy one. It is so important for us to understand how we are to protect the rights and freedoms that have been bestowed upon us for all mankind.

How about the misconception of the bus driver who recently took a bullet and laid down his life in order to save the lives of the children in his care? How about the misconception that no one should be punished by death in our penal system? What did God mean by eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth? Unfortunately, we only have two eyes and a limited number of teeth because God says there should be equal payment. How about Old Testament law; are we forgetting that God says a person who takes a life should lose their life too?

We are so in love with secularism; we think it’s okay for a person to take another life via abortion. We think it is okay for a child not to be trusted with a gun, but it is okay for a child to have no parental guidance or consent to kill their child by having an abortion. A child doesn’t have the right to choose between apples and French fries in school, yet and still they have the right to get condoms without permission from their parents because of the misconception that they’re going to do it anyway.

Do we not have to agree this is a misconception? We are forgetting common sense. God is a common sense God. The greatest aspect of common sense is wisdom.

Isn’t it absurd to ponder the misconception that in certain religious beliefs you shouldn’t kill a cow but you can let your uncle die of starvation? You cannot kill a mouse because it could have been your uncle in a previous life when you won’t help your uncle in the present life?

Let’s come back to the Second Amendment and its reality. What if to this day it was still illegal for African Americans to have guns? What would be the purpose of prohibiting African Americans from having guns? The purpose of this law during the time of slavery was to make sure African Americans could be controlled and not obtain their freedom.

What is the reason for not letting people have guns? Some say to protect the children. I don’t think so. The big argument from the NRA is that the President’s kids are protected by guns and therefore they are more important than anyone else’s kids. I do not agree with that. I support them having more protection because of who their father is. There are many who don’t like this or any other president and a way to get back would be to attack their family. But to say they are more important? I don’t think the president as a parent thinks his kids are any more important than anyone else’s children. To think that we can protect our own kids by taking guns from law abiding citizens is a misconception that is watered by ignorance.

So what are we going to do about it? Like I said in my last article, talk, talk, talk does nothing. Right now we need to protect our Constitution, the greatest document ever written. As Christians we are allowing this great document that was given to us by our God-fearing forefathers to be adulterated. The worst thing we can ever do is not be unified. We must know that unity is the most valuable asset we have. Unity is more powerful than any atomic bomb.

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