America’s Spiritual Super Bowl

When a U.S. city has a professional baseball team winning the World Series, there is nothing like it in all of sports. I am sure the same can be said of winning a Super Bowl because I played in one, but we lost to Pittsburgh.

Very few people remember the loser, but always remember the winner. As pastors in America, we play hardball for the King, and we have already played 80 percent of our games, with a short time remaining before the final buzzer. This however doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing, because we can still lose. We have to establish a game plan that calls for victory!
Our competition is against an adversary determined to destroy our Christian foundations, and the soul of America. This victory can only be won by adherence to the playbook and the coach. I can remember several years ago when the Seattle Seahawks were in the Super Bowl against Pittsburgh. There were some poor calls made by the officials and Seattle lost the game. Excuse after poor excuse was used by both fans and coaches. Well, maybe they were right in their assessment, but that doesn’t change the results.

We as pastors across America are coaching the team of the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are not being watched by several millions of people on television around the world, but by God Himself. He has given us His playbook, and for some unknown reason we seem to be following our own ways to a ‘deadly’ fourth quarter.
Like so many teams that go to the Super Bowl, we too are fast becoming a team of coaches making excuses for our teams. In the football games, it’s usually poor officiating that results in excuse making. Well, what’s your excuse today for the mess we are in as a nation? Is it the economy, a foreign war, the warming of the earth to name a few? Perhaps it’s like those Seattle Seahawks in the big game. They had a game plan, and something went wrong by fault of the officials. If they would have stayed focused, eyes firmly on the plan they would have won the game.

I cannot imagine my former coach Tom Landry or the great Vince Lombardi sugarcoating their words to those great teams. Their enemy was laziness, slothfulness, counting their dollars before they became earned, and fear. Today, our enemy is the failure to trust of our Lord, ego, pride, and walking away from His Holy Word.

Have you all become tired of hearing my rant about gay marriage, abortion, the persecution of our children in public schools, the miserable excuse we have overall with the elected in our country, and the 2nd Amendment being threatened? Well, do something about it. We have been provided the greatest army since the creation of heaven and earth. We have the tools to take America back to its Biblical foundations.

Recently, Howard Schultz the CEO of coffee giant Starbucks stood before the shareholders of the company, when one individual stood up and told him that the open endorsement of Starbucks Coffee for gay marriage has hurt the profits of the company. Schultz publicly lashed out at the shareholder, it’s not about the bottom line, but it’s the right thing to do. This blatant attack at their shareholders is inexcusable in every major corporation I know. The CEO is accountable to the board, and chairman of the board, as well as the shareholders. Shultz decided to act out publicly, and tell the shareholder if you don’t like it, put your investment elsewhere.

Do you my fellow pastors and Christians share the same view with Howard Schultz?

If you’re like me you don’t, so perhaps it’s time for you to step up to the plate with a Louisville Slugger, and crush it out of the ballpark with a victory for Jesus and His people. This is not about condemning anyone, but rather addressing a sin that is destroying our society. Do you know of any civilization in the history of our planet that has survived from this behavior? If so, I would like to know. Do ancient Rome, Greece, the modern nation of Great Britain to name but a few ring a bell? History my brothers and sisters does not lie, nor does God’s Word.
Stand for truth…the only Coach that matters is watching.

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  1. I find Rev. Hutcherson’s polemic statements troubling. When Rev. Hutcherson commented on Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz’ “publicly lashing out at the shareholder” he conveniently omitted that that two shareholders that objected to Starbucks supporting their LGBT employees were none other than Johnathon Baker, the director of the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) “Corporate Fairness Project”. A group that’s trying to convince companies to “be neutral” in the same-sex marriage debate or face organized boycotts of their products or services, and Tom Strobhar, founder of the Catholic group Corporate Morality Action Center.
    Schultz did not in any way “lash out” at Mr. Baker or Mr. Strobhar. In fact, Schultz prefaced both his replies by saying he didn’t want to answer their questions “in any way that might be disrepectful to you or any other people who might see it differently.” In fact, NOM posted a video account of both Mr. Baker’s and Mr. Strobhar’s questions at the shareholder meeting on Youtube. Funny you didn’t mention that Rev. Hutcherson, and that you actually mischaracterized Schultz’ reply to their questions.
    And just today, Rev. Hutcherson angrily “lashed out” at fellow Christian Post contibutor Dave Thompson for lauding NBA center Jason Collins for coming out and lamenting that many church leaders “have denied the grace of Christ for gay couples.” Rev. Hutcherson exclaimed, “Your defense of Homosexuality is without merit because it has destroyed every civilization it has touched and that is shameful.”
    Really Rev. Hutcherson? NAME ONE civilization that has been destroyed, directly or indirectly, by accepting or toleration of homosexuality. Well, you cannot. Not Rome, not Greece, nor any other civilization has ever fallen due to acceptance or tolerance of homosexuality. Further, those societies that never tolerated it also fell, mostly for the sames reason’s those that were tolerant of it did, which was not homosexuality.
    Apparently, Rev. Hutcherson, your historical ignorance as well as your religious intorlerance knows no bounds. It is you who should be ashamed of yourself, not just for your vile bigotry, but for making pejorative and derogatory statements that you have no idea whether they are true or not.

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