Reince Priebus Must Go!

Reince Priebus Must Go!

I have but one question to ask you: Do you take kindly to the very recent remarks from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus calling Christian Republicans Old Testament heretics for not supporting same-sex marriage in America? He went on further to tell the GOP to modernize the party if they expect to win future national elections. 

I am calling for you today to come together with me and the Black Robe Brigade to insist as both Christians and Republican voters that Chairman Priebus resign. His failures outnumber his accomplishments, unless of course you consider his abandonment of conservative voters who stand against same-sex marriage and the attack against our Second Amendment accomplishments.

Many years ago, a former NFL teammate of mine and congressman, Steve Largent, talked about the Republican Party as being diverse, welcoming anyone. He went further to talk about the GOP as being like the newly delivered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and not a big tent. He said the deck of the carrier was large enough for diverse kinds of aircraft, but unlike the big tent, the ship was moving in one direction.

The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, me and every one of you who professes the absolutes of God’s Word. How is it we can allow the likes of Karl Rove, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Chairman Priebus to sweep Christian voters under the rug? Where are the spirits of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln in America today? There is one man responsible for this disaster within the Republican Party, and his name is Reince Priebus, because this betrayal has been directed from his desk in Washington, D.C.

It’s one thing to be blind in one’s loyalty, such as the African-American community following the Democratic Party like sheep to the slaughter. It’s another thing to become blinded by those who would seek our demise, doing what elephants do best, and that is placing their trunks on the tails of those ahead of them, walking blindly. (But then again, we are the RNC!) This is exactly what Chairman Priebus has created for this once great political party and those millions of Christian people who voted for the likes of Ronald Reagan.

I don’t understand why so many leaders in our party, both white and black, seem to have problems expressing truth about how the RNC chairman is damaging the party. Can you believe the RNC offered Lady Gaga, a woman who vehemently hates our party, $1 million to entertain us at the last Republican Convention? I would have done it for $500,000, and I would have worn a rib eye suit! Maybe it has something to do with the $10 million dollars out there the RNC is using to attract certain minorities to the party. Some groups are unwilling to stand for what’s right for the country out of fear of losing revenue. My question is this: Is the $10 million more important than standing for righteousness?

I am asking you to join forces with me and demand Chairman Priebus immediately resign. He has joined forces with those in the White House, media and within the halls of Congress declaring war on our biblical foundations. Would you who are pastors consider your homes and churches big tents, giving an open podium to speakers who would denounce our fait, and rewrite God’s Holy Word? It’s time for you to stand up and join forces with me and the Black Robe Brigade and be unashamed of the Gospel in our nation.

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  1. everyone you have named in your article are traitors to our Constitution and to the Word of the Lord. The only people that they ‘represent’ are themselves. I’ve despaired of the voting process they have co-opted and would just as soon bring them to the hangman’s noose.

  2. Thank you Pastor Hutch. Be it known in the presence of all men, i have more names to add to your list (got my own and working it, watch out) not limited but indeed includes so-called Repubs in congress, scotus and looking to grow the list even more. Come one, come all, will not discriminate. But we can all take up your banner and wave proudly.

  3. Thank you SO much dear pastor!! You are one of so few that’s not afraid of the media and the Obama admin. Seems so many either avoid and political subjects or are afraid of any backlash. Yes, it does take courage. We need more real men like you (and Dr. Ben Carson) that aren’t afraid to say the truth!! God bless you!! I am continuing to pray for you! Us Christians are NOT the weaker ones, but are infused with the power of the Holy Spirit–we need to put the devil on the run (and all his “buddies”). I believe we will be tested like never before in the coming days. Praise the Lord for real men with backbones like you.

  4. Can’t argue with dumping Priebus but it won’t change anything in the GOP until progressive Karl Rove is completely out of the picture. Rove and the GOP good old boys club have done more damage to conservative principles than Michael Steele and Priebus combined.

  5. Dear Pastor Ken,

    As you know, Black Republicans have not been treated by any measure of respect or value at the RNC or in National GOP politics. So how can the voter numbers improve? They can’t. You are right Priebus is the problem, since he will not talk to mainstream black conservatives. Amani Council does not stand a chance at doing outreach when the GOP does not talk to real Black Republicans. Wamara Mwine has written about these GOP outreach screw ups extensively:

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