Prayer & Devotions In The Fast Lane

Prayer & Devotions In The Fast Lane

Written by  Ken Hutcherson

Joshua 1:10-18 –

Prepare provisions for yourselves, for within three days you are to cross this Jordan. “Three more days?  We’ve wondered in the desert for 40 years; we’re ready to move into the land now.”  I can just hear the Israelites grumbling.  In verse 11, God tells Joshua that it’s time for the People to move into their new home, but He says, “You have to wait 3 more days, and during that time, I have something for you to think about.”  Now, if you’ve lived for forty years in a tent, without a permanent place to call home, three more days would seem like an age.  And if you spend that three days staring into the face of an impossible situation, it would become unbearable.

You see, the Jordan is at flood stage.  The place at which God wants the Israelites to cross is completely impassable during this time of the year.  So for three days they’ve got to sit there and they’ve got to look at that swollen Jordan River knowing that God said, “You’re going to cross this thing in three days.”   He brings them to the banks of the river and then has them sit and contemplate the seemingly impossible task ahead of them.  Now what do you think is going through their minds?  “Maybe God has gotten a little mixed up in His timing!”

I’ve learned throughout my life that God is never late; He’s just never on my time.  He doesn’t do things according to my agenda.  God has never asked to consult my daily planner.  Corrie ten Boom said it the best; she said, “Lord, I know You’re never late, but You sure give up a lot of opportunities to be early!”  I love that.

For three days they’re sitting there and they’re looking at that Jordan.  I bet that there are two types of people in the Israelite’s camp.  The first group looks at the situation and says, “Well, this certainly is a bust.  We’re wasting our time here.  Someone messed up big, because we’re not going anywhere.”   The other group looks at the same circumstances and recognizes that this is just another opportunity to trust God and watch Him work.  “I don’t know how this could ever work out, God, but I’m excited to see how you are going to come through.”  Are you sitting on the east side of the Jordan in your life, facing an overwhelming flood of difficult circumstances?  God knows just how long you have to stay there.  3 days, 3 years or 30 years!  Until you can look at your impossible situation and know that if you’re going to get through it, you’re going to have to learn that it’s totally up to God.

Wait for the Lord;
Be strong and let your heart take courage;
Yes; wait for the Lord.  Ps 27:14

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  1. Hutch I sure miss you and thank God for giving me a pastor who always made me smile!! There is always reason to get excited about what God has in store, especially when i feel hopeless inside.

    Thank you for being my friend…

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