Black Pastor Speaks Frankly to Blacks About Trayvon Martin

“On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And expedience comes along and asks the question, is it political? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? Conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor polite, nor popular— but one must take it because it’s right,” said Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

Well what I am about to say is neither safe, nor polite, nor popular, but what I believe is right.

Blackness seems to be defined as a belief that in the black community you cannot be lied to by our so-called self imposed leaders and the news media. If either one of them says something, we put all our trust in it as the truth, and we act upon that truth regardless of the repercussions.

Truth can stand regardless if anyone believes in it or not, but a lie cannot stand unless someone has faith in it. So what is the truth about the Martin and Zimmerman case? Where do you want to stand and what side of this are you choosing? Laws will never accomplish what Jesus can accomplish with changed hearts in all people of all colors.

When you have a young black boy who is killed by what some are calling a white Hispanic, and Jackson and Sharpton (of the PPA or the Poverty Pimps of America), and a liberal media involved, you have the equivalent of nitroglycerin.

Oh by the way, I never heard of “white Hispanic” before but I guess this fits the bill in this case. This incident only needed someone to light the fuse. Why is this true because black people are involved?

I believe Dr. James Manning hit it on the head when he said that black people have a difficult time accepting truth simply because they are black. That’s right, black people are involved and it is impossible for the average black person to believe the truth. They refuse to believe that a black boy could be in the wrong when it comes to a white Hispanic. Blackness is the apex of victimhood and our blackness is above truth, above our Christianity, above our God, above our Holy Spirit, so that means if our blackness is above the Holy Spirit, then it is above Truth. This is so important for everyone to know this so they can understand why this Trayvon and Zimmerman case is where it is today and why blacks refuse to believe what really happened.

Let’s see if we can figure out what really happened that night that Trayvon and Zimmerman met.

I have been told that the medical report revealed Trayvon had marijuana in his system that night. Someone told me if you smoke marijuana you can get the munchies and feel paranoid. So the reason may be that he was out late to get his munchies on and since he may have been a little paranoid, he could have been acting a little suspicious. That is what got Zimmerman’s attention in the first place and then add the time of night, then the fact there were other robberies in the neighborhood, and Zimmerman was the head of neighborhood watch. Zimmerman got out of his truck and did not go back as soon as he was told. However, he was going back to his truck and it was then that Trayvon that came back to confront George.

The reason Trayvon attacked George is because he thought George might be a rapist and not a racist. That’s right a rapist my friends, because of what Rachael Jeantel said on the Piers Morgan Show. She said she told him to run if a grown man is following you because he may be a rapist (not racist) so that is why he would not continue to go home. He turned back to confront Zimmerman because he probably did not want him to follow him home with his little brother being there.

On The Piers Morgan Show, Rachael Jeantel said that Trayvon attacked George first because that is what you do in the hood.

Now black people will not accept that because their leaders and the media said it was a racially motivated confrontation. They are living black and just can’t help themselves.

This reminds me of an incident when I was in college. My professor got so mad at me in one of my freshman biology classes during a lesson on evolution. She said this is how the world was formed and I said how do you know that? She went on to explain the big bang theory and I then asked where did that concept come from? She said that atoms collided and I asked where did the atoms come from?

You get the idea and at the end of class it was obvious she was angry at this black freshman challenging this white professor in a class in 1970. She waited and the last day she was talking about genes. She looked at me and said if your genes are recessive then you are white and if your genes are dominant you are black and there is nothing you can do about it. Can you believe that shot over the bow at me? Wow I guess I have to give her some kudos because it seems that if you are black then there is nothing you can do about thinking this way.

It seems that being black allows us to not look at the truth even when it is screaming in our face because we just can’t help ourselves. It is hard to believe that blacks can be guilty of wrongdoing in our society. You know when you look at the truth of blacks making up 30 percent of the population and yet the majority of those incarcerated are black men and women. Can someone please tell me if it is not true that in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and New York that blacks are killing blacks, you know, black on black crime? In those cities blacks perpetrate serious crimes with guns over 70 per cent of the time. Now don’t miss that comparison of 30 percent of the population committing over 70 percent of all crimes in our largest cities. There are many blacks who think whitey wants to get rid of us and the way we are killing each other the only thing they have to do is get out of the way and we will accomplish that ourselves. Then it does seem logical that most of the people that are in jail would be black.

Don’t turn me off because this is a conversation we must have. Black people will never be the great people that we truly are until we put Jesus above our blackness.

No one is innocent of this racial divide if we don’t do something to promote change. I am not talking about more talking; I am talking about doing.

Do you have friends that don’t look like you? Does everyone in your church look, talk, and sound alike? Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone, to get in someone else’s comfort, to teach them how to get out of their comfort zone? Are you willing to help change the conversation about racism and then do what you talk about? Are you willing to do it God’s way like Jesus did in his time when there was just as great a racial divide as we are facing today?

Remember what you are speaks so loud I can’t hear a word you say.


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  1. Dr. Hutcherson: You brought back memories, I challenged my college professors as you did in college. And they ruined my grades, biggest egos I’ve ever seen ; Ph.Ds” The “big bang theory” is just a theory, it is not 100% conclusive, I remember my professors saying this theory, “discredits the bible” Blacks do take the word of the liberal media, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, like “its the breath of God” But I wonder how much $$$ the nitroglycerin makes in times of racial crisis.Blackness is equivalent to “victimhood ” Liberal media will never report that Denzel Washington, gave $10 million to finish paying for an army hospital in Texas, cause it discredits the “victimhood” You are also, correct that if blacks and everyone put Jesus first in their lives, people like Trayvon wouldn’t be quick to throw punches & he’d be alive today. Good article, Professor Hutcherson.

  2. Good points sir. Aside from the direct racial lines some people take on what they believe of the facts of the case, there are a few other things going on concurrently with it.

    The administration certainly sees it as a boon because it takes attention off the numerous scandals that various agencies are involved in as well as ongoing issues like Fast & Furious (300+ dead as well as at least 2 LEOs). Additionally it is a convenient platform as long as one ignores the facts to attack self defense in this country, a goal of the left. So inflaming the black community to agitate for change is a convenient way to imperil both blacks and whites by making crime safer for criminals (a significant demographic of the Democratic Party no matter what race they may be).

    Some things weren’t brought into the trial and thus made light of in the media, but have a very direct and strong bearing on the merits of the case though. Trayvon’s interest in fighting, his several forays into what can only be termed juvenile delinquency (resulting in suspensions etc for drugs, burglary and assault). On the drug use, what wasn’t made a point prior to the verdict was his use of a cough syrup concoction termed “lean” on the street. His autopsy showed chronic sustained use, and the effects generate paranoia as well as aggression. The ingredients are cough syrup (DXM &/or codeine), some type of soft drink and candy. IE, he had an Arizona Ice Tea Watermelon cooler (somehow that was deleted from reports, maybe due to fears of stereotyping the flavor..) and Skittles. 2/3 of the ingredients to make “lean” and he was discussing this on social media how to make this concoction.

    Its seems there was more to the story than was even in court, and most of it doesn’t help the case that the media is selling to black Americans looking for someone to blame. Meanwhile, in WI a 76 y/o white man was found guilty of shooting a black teen in a video taped, obvious murder. Meanwhile Roderick Scott was found not guilty in New York state of murder in killing a 17 year old white kid – self defense similar to the Zimmerman incident, though it seems there was no completed assault on Roderick before he fired.

    The point being, all this ballyhoo in the press and by the poverty pimps is BS, justice appears to be working just fine. (I haven’t delved into the Scott case much, but if the 3 teens he faced made threats and moves at him, I would say they gave him reason to fear harm and hence the shooting).

    (back in FL) On the injustice ignored is the case of Trevor Dooley, who shot David James who attacked the older, smaller man and tried to take his gun. From the facts I’ve seen THAT is the case that people should be railing about, because from what I read of it, Dooley was justified on 3 things to shoot – disparity of force due to age, due to size, and the attempted seizure of the firearm all of which constitute a reasonable chance to cause harm to him.

  3. THANK YOU… As a white man trying to look at everyone through the eyes of Jesus, it is difficult to do so when there are double standards. No one wants any teenager to die. Just because I think Zimmerman is innocent under the law, doesn’t mean I hate Treyvon or that I think black children should die.

  4. Dr Hutcherson,

    Your term “living black” succinctly speaks volumes of truth. For many, “living black” is so strong an identity that every other identity is distant. It seems to me that most of us define ourselves in a combination of ways. Some define themselves by position in the family, such as being the loving wife or Mother or being the best Dad, or being the spiritual leader for the family, or in the community. We also define ourselves by what we do outside the family; the work that we do to provide for our family.

    Our inner voices should be reminding us of our positive attributes….saying ” I am kind to people, I help others feel better, I always do my best, I have friends, I am a good friend, I never stop learning, I can laugh at myself, I will be a good Father, and I will pass these on to my own son one day. These self affirmations, or credos will help us define the man in the mirror.

    So how do we help our young black men see themselves as valuable people who must compete rather than being excused? Responsible to pass down personal fortitude and character and to be involved with our own charges rather than being an absent donor?

    Sadly, the “inner voice” of positive credos cannot be given by federal or state government. Programs that attempt to give a helping hand do just opposite when they give an unearned living to able bodied humans, or encourage women to bear children without holding the man responsible.

    Having “the inner voice” of positive credos comes to via small successes and positive reinforcement by adults about those successes and sometime failures. The tests and positive affirmations must be done over and over until they become imbedded in the mind of young men. This takes lots of parenting time and also requires other strong and positive adults influence such as church sponsored Boyscout troops and other church youth groups committed to this most important part of life. I personally know boys who say they would be in prison if not for the values they learned in Boyscouts. Parenting well is a huge responsibility and many of the best mentors do so because they get it….got it being parents and are willing to pass their wisdom and values down.

    Dr Hutcherson, thank you for your shared thoughts. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  5. Dr. Hutcherson,
    Thank you for this inspiring article. I’m enlightened and encouraged by your words. I too look forward to seeing more from you.

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