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  1. This is bullcrap on the ‘Father’ front. Hutch,

    Father’s aren’t leaving their kids as much as the court is taking them away! 85% of all children are taken from the Father’s, after divorce by the Gender-Bias Family Court System – U.S. Census Current Population Report on Custodial Mothers and Fathers

    See the important facts here http://fatheradvocate.blogspot.com

    Just a sample:

    50% of mothers see no value in the fathers continued contact with his children. [“Surviving the Breakup” by Joan Berlin Kelly]

    75% of custodial mothers move at least once within four years after separation or divorce. [Senate Committee on Judiciary, Report on Family Law: Relocation of Custodial Parents]

    40% of mothers reported that they had interfered with the fathers visitation to punish their ex-spouse. [“Frequency of Visitation” by Sanford Braver, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry]

    A woman is the party filing for divorce in over 70% of divorce cases. [pobronson.com/blog/2006/07/will-this-marriage-last-who-wants-out.html]

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