I AM Second

One day, during a time of blatant racism and prejudice in America, a young black boy was hit with the reality of who he was and who he had become… literally. “My life changed that day,” says Ken Hutcherson former NFL Linebacker. He grew up believing that “White people cannot be trusted,” and this belief became an everyday boyhood battle that grew into war as a man.

Enduring segregation and discrimination, being told he was not good enough, having to sit at the back of the bus and being physically violated reinforced Ken’s point of view. It forced retaliation. It forced hatred. “I was driven by hatred. Driven.”

It was not until Hutcherson was hit with another reality that changed everything. He was told who he really was and who he had really become. He was told who “they” really were and that they were not white people alone. He saw that hate was not the way. That’s when he learned to love. And that is the power that changed him. “Love changed me.”

Ken Hutcherson

How Well Do You Really Understand Civil Rights?
Here’s A Crash Course

Glenn Beck has begun to make the case that pushing back against big government is not a political issue, but a matter of civil rights.

When the IRS targets and intimidates Americans or when the NSA records every phone call you make, those are examples of civil rights being infringed, he says.

When many people think of civil rights, they think of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1960s. But speaking with David Barton, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Pastor Ken Hutcherson, Beck said the civil rights movement “started with Moses, and it never ended.” Continue reading “How Well Do You Really Understand Civil Rights?
Here’s A Crash Course”